About Terry

Terry Leckie is Founder and Managing Director of Flow Systems. Flow is a leader in the development of sustainable water utilities and communities in Australia.

An entrepreneur, industry leader, and international water expert, Terry is leading a new approach to water services in Australia through the provision of localised private water utilities.

His solutions are assisting both Government and developers in halving capital costs on water infrastructure, releasing land faster and ensuring long term sustainable water infrastructure for households and businesses. This approach delivers more affordable housing faster.

His smart recycled water networks at Central Park Sydney, Discovery Point, Pitt Town and Wyee are influencing the way land is serviced – providing affordable, sustainable and high-tech water solutions that are setting new sustainability benchmarks.

These smart water networks are underpinning cities and communities of the future through delivering sustainable solutions that keep water within the community to green landscapes, parks, gardens and secure the community’s water sources. Flow communities are proving that localised private water systems are more affordable than centralised systems.

Terry also contributed to an industry working group that is examining initiatives to improve the integration of new decentalised water systems within existing centralised ones. He has assisted Government with the development and implementation of regulation for recycled water and remains an industry thought leader promoting the benefits of private sector solutions. He continues to challenge out dated approaches to water services and is a champion of innovation and reform.

Terry has more than 25 years experience in the water industry, working across Australia and New Zealand managing and overseeing multi-million dollar water infrastructure projects, including $AUD70 million wastewater infrastructure projects with Transfield/Montgomery Watson from 1999 to 2003. From 2003 to 2004,Terry was Alliance Board Member with Sydney Water and Brisbane Water, overseeing AUD$500 million in projects, and MWH Australia Managing Director, and before this time, MWH Director, Constructors Australia.